Welcome, Wise Woman!

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Even before there was the Wise Woman Initiative, there were wise women coming together to effect a positive change.

I’ve always believed in the interconnectedness of life and the collective community. Much of my life has been building communities – whether in the schools, with the Junior League, with my professional associations, or in the career centers I’ve led. My work, whether professionally or as a volunteer, is to help others use their best talents in the world. 

When the political landscape was looking particularly dark for the rights of women, The Women’s March of January 2017 inspired me.  I realized that I was spending a lot of thought on what I was against. I wanted to put my energy towards what I was for and began to imagine what it would be like to create a Sisterhood of Wise Women in communities around the world who could make a difference through service, action, and shared wisdom.

The Wise Woman Initiative was conceived – A network of women who can achieve more than we could each do alone.

That October, I was moved to organize our first event, a Witches Walk in Lafayette, CA. We celebrated smart, strong, and independent women – and had some fun while doing it. This was an opportunity for diverse women to come together, enjoy each other’s companionship and raise money for a local charity.

This is just the beginning. My hope is that we continue to grow as Wise Women through community events, published wisdom, and educational experiences. Stayed tuned for more to come.

Susan Chritton