Our Story

It all began with a Witches Walk...

Witches haven’t always had the best reputation. Historically, many were afraid of a smart, strong, independent woman – so they labeled and condemned her as a witch.

In October 2017, when the political landscape was looking particularly dark for the rights of women, our founder Susan Chritton was inspired to celebrate these smart, strong, and independent qualities – and have some fun while doing it. She organized a Witches Walk in Lafayette, California as an opportunity for diverse women to come together, enjoy each other’s company, and raise money for a local charity. Click here if you are interested in attending our next Witches Walk or another Wise Woman event!

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Our Mission

As Wise Women, we believe we can create meaningful change by:

Building Community,

Serving those in need, &

Sharing Wisdom.


The Wise Woman who started it all...

Susan Chritton


Susan Chritton, Founder and Chief Wise Woman, believes that true vocation joins self and service. She has spent much of her life personally and professionally building community and working with others to best use their talents in the world. Her book, Personal Branding for Dummies, has served people worldwide.

Professionally she has served thousands of people in the career and personal branding process, often during times of transition. Blending the best of who her clients are with the best of what they can do is how she approaches her work. 

Susan has led a number of community organizations as President of the Junior League of Oakland-East Bay, Burton Valley PTA, International Coach Federation-East Bay, and the Association of Career Professionals-San Francisco as well as run several high school Grad Nights.

She is the mother of four young adults and married to Rand, a non-profit attorney. She and another woman were the first foreigners to adopt children from Belarus in 1992 just after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Her daughter was three at the time of the adoption, adding to her family of sons ages 1, 3, and 5.

Wise Woman is a culmination of Susan’s service to the community. Stay tuned and watch it grow.