Intuitive Way

Intuitive Way was created to provide a grounded space, an accessible curriculum, and experienced guidance for individuals interested in exploring and developing their own intuitive awareness. We offer intuitive readings, spiritual healings, and classes in meditation and intuitive development.

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Women Sharing Wisdom

Women Sharing Wisdom focuses on empowering women and providing opportunities for youth to pursue positive change in their lives, careers, communities, and the lives of others through their own personal development.

Worldwide, women:

  • Do 70% of the work

  • Receive 5-10% of the income

  • Own 1% of global wealth and land

  • Give back 70% of what they earn to the community while men only give 30%

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World Wide Women

WorldWideWomen is a company on a social mission to move the needle toward gender parity. We believe that global connection and access to information and resources are powerful tools to help change the game for women, and that is what we are all about. We are a Global Resource Directory for women.

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Biophilia Botanicals by Alice Duvernall

Biophilia Botanicals delivers original, transformative, artisan crafted cosmetics of the highest purity, botanical extracts, and aromatic edibles for all ages and genders. Alice Encinas Duvernell, MA, is a French Ethno-Botanist who specializes in restorative community herbal aromatic therapies and product design for healing, culinary and cosmetic purposes.

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1440 Multiversity is a place to experience time differently—exploring what matters to you, while surrounded by fresh air, delicious food, wellness classes, many ways to unwind, and opportunities to connect with yourself and others. Whether you come for a program with world-renowned faculty or spend a weekend on campus taking 1440 specialty classes, you can look forward to the perfect blend of learning, vacation, and space for reflection.

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Dancing Spirit Tours

Our mission is to empower you to connect with your authentic self and open your heart to the awe-some glory of life. Explore spiritual and cultural journeys that cultivate compassion across cultures, ignite an appetite for adventure, and create a path for radical transformation.

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